“I Should Have Jumped With You”

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To those who can’t seem to find the strength today,
to those who can’t seem to hear God,
to those who can’t find the meaning to life,
to those who have had their hearts stabbed and burnt,
to those who feel like now is the time to give up,
to those who feel misunderstood and not understood,
to those who have been abandoned by who you loved and who you thought loved you,
to those who cry out into the silence of the night and no one hears you,
to those who scream so loud in their hearts only silence escapes their lips,
to those who feel wrenching in their chest,
to those who want to give up their life for someone else who wants it more,
to those who just want to say goodbye,

I say:
Hold on. Hold on because there is something more. Hold on because I, like you, wish to die tonight. Hold on because there must be a reason why it’s called the ‘gift’ of life. Hold on because there must be a reason why you took 9 months to form in the womb. There must be a reason for your suffering, your pain. There must be a reason, everything.

Today, tonight, I am with you too and I choose to hold on. Hold on with me.


(I dedicate this post to my precious friend who took her life. I love you, I miss you and I wish I could have done more, I’m sorry I didn’t go with you. I’m sorry I didn’t do enough. I’m sorry I’m too sick to have stopped you, maybe.. I should have grabbed onto you earlier. This world was too cruel for your precious soul. xx)



The Lord is my light, strength and salvation… whom should I fear… The Lord is the stronghold of my life..” -Psalm 27




Be kind to one another,

xo, Faith

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