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Her silhouette in your eyes never hid from me,
Your love for me, a disguise.
You waited for my demise, so you could touch her eyes.
“Your skin is so soft” you tell her,
I remember that look in your eyes
when you told me that same line.

We were always with each other, before we knew we were there.
“Soulmate” you called me,
“I want you in my life, do not leave me for then I might lose mine”
Seven years your heart with another,
then you traded for mine.
“I feel ready to marry you”, I could regurgitate from my eyes.
“In sickness and in health”; an exchange of sterling lies.

As I wasted away in sickness, the fire of our love died.
Little did I know, she was already by your side.
You tainted her too, but it only takes two.
King of Heartbreak, Queen of Lies,
you both served me a palate of kamikaze knives.
You never should have pried and I should have kept my pride.
A heart solidified gave way to your conniving eyes.

Hoodwinked in hindsight, I now laugh and cry.
My friends turned into foes by your sociopathic lies.
But I take it all in stride and let the devil eat his pride.
“For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed,
and nothing concealed that will not come to light”
(Luke 8:17)

Olivia Faith

Be kind to one another,

xo, Faith

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